UJ Celebrates Students Back on Campus

By Tess Haugrud

Students were welcomed back to campus for the spring semester with Welcome Back Week, January 14th through the 18th.

The week included events to excite students for the semester. The Jamestown Activities Board (JAB) sponsored most of the events.

Students won grocery bag bingo with themed grocery packs. Photo: Tess Haugrud

Monday included an organizational fair, sponsored by JAB and UJ Student Senate. Over 20 student organizations were on hand for the event to encourage more student participation on campus. Among the carnival-themed activities was Spin Magic. Students were able to paint drawstring bags and vinyl records on a spinning turntable.

Tuesday included a craft night where students made resolution boards highlighting their goals for 2019.

Wednesday returned the popular Grocery Bag Bingo with over 80 students in attendance. Students played over ten rounds bingo for a chance to win a bag filled with groceries. Jacob Just, JAB Treasurer and Campus Activities Chair, said each bag was valued at approximately $50.

Thursday night, students put their knowledge to the test with the monthly Trivia Knights. Five teams participated in the competition with team “Quiz in my Pants” as the reigning champions.

Friday, students wearing Jimmie gear received candy as part of the Go Orange Friday celebration.

“It was great to have so many people stop by our events,” Just said. “JAB has some great events lined up for this semester, and we can’t wait for it all!”

JAB has created magnets with all of their events for the semester. These magnets can be found at the Java Hut or with Erin Edinger in the Student Life offices.

(from left to right) Part of the JAB crew Kim Bandy, Hannah Miertschin, and Jacob Just set up for the week’s activities and more to come throughout the year. Photo: Tess Haugrud

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