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Java City Serving Up Sweets, Drinks & More for Students

By Jayci McCrory

Java City, affectionately referred to by students as the Java Hut, is the University of Jamestown’s coffee shop.

Located at the heart of campus in the Lyngstad building, students swing by throughout the day (even multiple times per day) for a quick caffeine fix or a sweet treat. Music from the baristas’ radio flows through the Student Engagement Center as the smell of coffee and baked goods entice students to come in if they didn’t plan to in the first place.

Barista Keith starts off with a fun nickname on the coffee collar for his friends that come by. Photo: Jayci McCrory

What does Java City have to offer? There are a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies, Italian sodas, and more. There’s also an assortment of candies and baked goods to pick from. Anything from muffins and bagels to gum and chocolate are available for students to snag and snack on throughout the day.

When is Java City open? Hours of operation on this establishment vary depending on the day. During the week, Java City is up and running from 7:30 in the morning until 8 at night. As far as weekends go, they have shop closed up on most Saturdays, but open back up for Sunday evenings. These hours are also dependent on if the University is open or not.

How do you get these goods? At Java City you can pay with cash, card, or Jimmie Bucks. Jimmie Bucks are either included with your meal plan, or can be purchased from dining services for a good deal. How many meals you get each semester correlates with how many Jimmie Bucks you have to spend. The more meals you get, the fewer Jimmie Bucks you get to spend on sweet treats at Java City or the C-Store.

Java City prepares a multitude of tasty treats, including this lemon poppy seed muffin. Photo: Jayci McCrory

Java City has plenty of sweet deals throughout the week. At Java City you can get a punch card for each time you buy a beverage, and if you purchase 10 drinks you get one free, BUT if you purchase a drink on Wednesdays you get double the punches in your punch card! Java City also does deals on their baked goods from time to time, either surprise or advertised.

All in all, Java City is a great place to stop in quick for a pick me up, or stay and chat over a warm (or cold) beverage with a friend.

The morning line-up: people wait patiently for their opportunity to get a morning boost of caffeine. Photo: Jayci McCrory

Rensmon Overcomes Life Obstacles to Play Softball for Jimmies

By Kelly Halverson

At the age of 17, Toree Rensmon was diagnosed with a heart defect.

She was lucky enough at the time that it did not prevent her from coming to the University of Jamestown to play softball for the Jimmies. However, in 2018 just before her sophomore season Toree began having intense chest pains and was sleeping for extended periods of time. These symptoms prompted a visit to the doctor and at the age of 20 she was diagnosed with two more heart defects.

This combination of defects results in a leaky mitral valve, an irregular heart beat, and an enlarged left ventricle which works at a very low level. At the time of this diagnosis her heart was only functioning at 33%. Since a healthy heart should never function below 55% her doctor delivered the news that she was no longer healthy enough to play softball.

Despite the severity of the diagnosis she responded by saying “Okay this is my life I’m going to learn and grow from this and keep moving forward working on getting healthy again.” And that is exactly what she did.

Toree gets an extra bullpen session in, to prepare for her return to the field. Photo: Kelly Halverson

Nearly a year after her diagnosis, Toree’s heart is now functioning at 42% and she has been cleared to return to softball. Since her heart is still below the healthy level she is limited to the pitching mound, but that doesn’t bother her.

When asked how she felt about returning Toree says “The goal was to always make it back to softball. I think I appreciate it more now. Like no one likes 6:00 am practice but I’m grateful I get to be there. It’s more fun now for me being able to do what I love again.”

Her health issues have given her a new outlook and appreciation for the sport, “That phone call of ‘you aren’t healthy enough to play anymore’ was really hard. I had been playing softball for so long and I wasn’t able to go out on my terms which was awful.”

Now, she gets a second chance to finish her journey with the Jimmie softball team on her own terms. As far as her outlook for the upcoming season.

“We have a really good team this year with a lot of talent,” Rensmon says. “I think we will have a good season for sure. I’m excited to be able to play with these girls again they have all become like family.”

Toree’s comeback season will begin on February 8th, in a double-header against Valley City State University at the Presentation College Dome in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Toree Rensmon makes a comeback for her junior season after being sidelined her sophomore year due to a combination of heart defects. Photo: Kelly Halverson