A Season To Remember, A Career We Will Never Forget

By Zach Miller

It’s not everyday that we get to witness records being broken.

It’s not everyday that we get to watch a hometown hero develop into a success at the next level.

Fortunately for us here at the University of Jamestown we are able to be a part of something special.

Senior guard for the UJ Men’s Basketball Team Jon Purintun has become a household name in the Jamestown community after pulling together an impressive final season for the Jimmies. Jon continues to impress and show that he belongs here at UJ as the Jimmies continue to keep on winning.

Jon Purintun hails from a small town in North Dakota called Linton. Jon had a successful career as a Linton Lion there and had hopes of being able to continue his basketball playing career in college. It was the University of Jamestown that gave Jon the chance to do just that. UJ offered him a scholarship and the rest is history.

This year Jon has been a driving force in many of the Jimmie victories. Jon has averaged approximately 20 points per game to go along with 4 assists and 4 rebounds per game. Jon is shooting 58.2% from the field, 38.1% from three and 71.1% from the free throw line.

Jon Purintun drives to the hoop through a Valley CIty State defender at the Harold Newman Arena on his historic night. Photo: Zach Miller

The highlight of the season for Purintun was the rivalry matchup against our neighbors Valley City. Purintun was red hot offensively as he went on to break the single-game scoring record for UJ that was previously held by Brent Offerdahl. 45 points became the new record and Purintun was overjoyed.

“If you would’ve told me that before this game I would break the single-game scoring record, I would’ve told you were crazy,” Purintun said after his historic night. Purintun also added, “ It just makes it all the more better that it was against our rivals.”

The Jimmies beat Valley City 87-73 that night.

On Wednesday November 14th, Purintun surpassed 1,000 points in his career. This game was also against the Vikings from Valley City. Currently, Purintun has 1,489 total points for his career. Those 1,489 points put Jon at 11th on the all-time scoring list for Jamestown, with the potential to break the top ten by the end of this season.

Purintun also has the potential to break another record here at UJ, which would be the single-season scoring record. He currently sits at fourth on that list. The record is held currently by Jake Holen with 687 points. Right now, Purintun sits at 633 points.

Jon Purintun sees a wide-open lane as his opportunity to score against Briar Cliff earlier this year. Photo: Zach Miller

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