University of Jamestown Esports Competing Nationwide

By Tess Haugrud

With only just a couple of years under their belt, the University of Jamestown Esports team has seen many wins and nationally ranked players.

The UJ Esports team, consisting of 20 team members, plays video games to compete against schools across the country. The UJ team has three games they compete nationally in this year: UJ are Overwatch, HearthStone, and League of Legends.

Already, the UJ Esports team this year has had a successful season so far with current freshman Zach Torres ranked in the top 200 in America for League of Legends and Vetle Peterson, also a freshman, ranked in the top 400 in America for Overwatch.

Photo: Tess Haugrud

Peterson is enjoying his time on the team and, “how close I’ve become with my teammates and how some of them are my best friends.” Peterson and the rest of the Overwatch team has entered the playoffs. All other teams are still in their regular season.

Fans can watch the team live, as well as past games, by visiting

The team is recruiting for the 2019-2020 year.

They hope to add Fortnite to their list of games, which could begin as soon as this fall.

Photo: Tess Haugrud

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