University of Jamestown’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance Week Celebration

By: Jayci McCrory

Rainbows, and Cookies, and Signing the Banner,
A Trans comedian that fill us with laughter,
Students in Drag Shows and fun Q & A’s,
These are a few of Lovefest’s favorite things!

The University of Jamestown’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is an organization that gives LGBTQA+ students and allies a place where they can come together to support and celebrate the LGBTQA+ community.

Each year SAGA hosts a week long celebration of this community called “Lovefest.” This celebration allows for SAGA to create fun events that engage students in the LGBTQA+ community and raises awareness for it.

This year’s Lovefest ran February 18th through February 22nd. The week included the following schedule:

Monday: LGBT-Q&A and Trivia

Tuesday: Rainbow Day and Cookie Decorating

Wednesday: Signing of a Banner to show support

Thursday: Trans Comedian Jeffrey Jay

Friday: Drag Pageant

Monday’s event was set up to allow students to ask SAGA members about the LGBTQA+ community and to participate in a round of LGBTQA+ trivia during one of the University of Jamestown’s monthly Trivia Knights.

Tuesday’s event allowed students to engage with SAGA students while having fun and creating something tasty.

Wednesday’s event helped to show tangible support of the LGBTQA+ community.

Thursday gave students an opportunity to have some laughs and ask Trans Comedian Jeffrey Jay questions about the LGBTQA+ community.

Friday gave students an opportunity to participate or watch their fellow Jimmies participate in a Drag Pageant. The winners of Mr. and Mrs. Love, and $50 Walmart gift cards, were Dane Jessen and Taylor Niehaus. The Crowd Pleaser award, a $25 Walmart gift card, was won by SAGA’s President Paul Kurtti.

To close the week off, when asked about what Lovefest meant to him, Paul said, “Lovefest is a week out of the year where the members of SAGA and I can celebrate our sexuality and gender, as well as celebrate with everyone on campus to.”

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