The History of Coffee

By The History Club

College. During this first step into the adult life, many students develop a taste for a dark, rich liquid that provides them with an energy boost and keeps them awake during their early morning classes.

What is this magical elixir I speak of? First off, magic has nothing to do with it. It is simply the tasty juice produced from brewing coffee beans. Although finding your local coffee shop may not be too much of a task, did you know that coffee was supposedly discovered by accident?

According to legend, a simple goat herder in Ethiopia was walking through a brush area when he saw his goats eating what were soon to be called coffee beans. Later, he noticed them acting energetic and unable to fall asleep at nighttime. He reported his findings to the local abbot at the monastery who shared it with the monks of the abbey. After the discovery of coffee and its powers, the bean soon began to spread to the Arabian Peninsula. Once there, the Arabians cultivated the beans as a crop and began to open the first coffee houses, sometimes known as “Schools of the Wise” because of the social nature of these early cafés.

Although coffee was becoming a universal favorite in many places through peaceful means, there were some cases where conflict turned people’s attention to the delightful treat. In one case, some Italian clergy during the 17th Century felt that coffee might be a temptation of evil and therefore condemned it in the province of Venice. The case eventually made its way to Pope Clement VIII who tasted the drink himself and decided that there was no evil involved and gave it papal approval. Another such example of conflict in the history of coffee deals with the American Revolution. During

the early stages of revolt, tea was heavily taxed by the British Empire which eventually led to the dumping of British tea into the Boston Harbor as a sign of protest in the infamous Boston Tea Party. In need of a new hot beverage, Americans began to turn more towards coffee over the usual tea. Who knew there could be so much history behind a simple cup of joe?

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