Homecoming King and Queen Interview

Two weeks ago, the University of Jamestown celebrated their annual homecoming. This consisted of many fun events and activities, including grocery bag bingo, food trucks that served mini donuts and Mexican food, a blood drive, and a 5k run. To complete the festivities, UJ crowned Garrett Bickett Homecoming King and his girlfriend, Anna Holen, Homecoming Queen. We appreciated the opportunity to interview Garrett and Anna and get their thoughts on homecoming, hear about their UJ experience, and learn a little bit more about who they are.  

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. 

Anna: I grew up in small town ND, my parents had 8 kids, and I’m the 7th. All of my siblings came to UJ (except the oldest- she started a family and didn’t go to college). I have 13 nieces and nephews, the oldest 2 are in college and are more like my brothers. My family is very close. I love coffee, my ukulele, and Jesus. My favorite color is black and purple. I also love food. My mom’s cooking specifically.  

Garrett: I’m from Carrington, ND. I have 2 brothers, one older one younger. I’m an exercise science major and I plan to go to PT school when I graduate. I like shoes, cats, and breakfast is my favorite meal. 

Q: What are you involved in around campus? 

Anna: Women’s volleyball team and the Faith in Athletics campus ministry team  

Garrett: Men’s basketball assistant coach, Faith in Athletics Ministry Team 

Q: What are your favorite things to do on campus? 

Anna: Java, going to chapel, going to men’s basketball games.  

Garrett: Play pool with the basketball team, longboard, take pictures, going to women’s volleyball games  

Q: What is your favorite drink at Java? 

Anna: Iced pumpkin latte with oat milk  

Garrett: Orange with cream zinger 

Q: What do you like most about UJ? 

Anna: Coach Jon Hegerle and Teree Rittenbach. Also, the fact that it has given me my best friends.  

Garrett: That it’s better than Valley City 

Q: What was your favorite part of homecoming? 

Anna: The alumni that get to come back to campus. 

Garrett: The football game 

Q: How does it feel to be king and queen?  

Anna: The same as when we weren’t king and queen. Kidding, I’m honored. I’m honored to represent UJ because this place means a lot to me.  

Garrett: It’s pretty cool to be able to represent UJ. And it’s cool to know that Anna got it because of me. 

Q: When did you guys meet and how? 

Anna: We met in the 8th grade when Garrett saw me play volleyball in his home town and he fell in love.  

Garrett: I saw Anna play volleyball and she fell in love. 

Q: What does being a Jimmie mean to you? 

Anna: Being a Jimmie means working hard, giving back, and caring for others. It means being a part of a family that you’ll have forever.  

Garrett: Serving others, treating people well, and picking rock. 

Q: What do you most appreciate about UJ? 

Anna: I appreciate how it’s allowed me to grow in my faith. There have been opportunities here for Jesus to become priority in my life.  

Garrett: The community feel and the professors taking the time getting to know their students. 

Q: What is one of your favorite memories of your time here at UJ? 

Anna: 3-0 northwestern to win the conference in a PACKED Newman.  

Garrett: Beating Dordt and Concordia at home last year in basketball. 

Q: Do you have any advice for your fellow Jimmies? 

Anna: Get to know Jesus. 

Garrett: Take the time to build great relationships. 

Photo credit Logan C. Adams 

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