Jimmie Profile: Lucas Schumacher

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Lucas Schumacher and I am from Linton, North Dakota.

How has your experience been at Jamestown so far? 

My experience has been great! It’s been awesome being with the basketball team and meeting new people.

What is your favorite thing about attending the University of Jamestown?

My favorite thing would probably be playing basketball and hanging out with the guys!

How are you involved on campus?

I have gone to special events and have been supporting other sporting events. I am also on the basketball team.

Is this experience different from your experience at home, if so how? 

Yes, because I went to a school with a total of 85 kids freshman through senior year, so coming to Jamestown and meeting and seeing all of the students is awesome!

Are you glad you joined the Jimmie family?

Yes, I’m super thankful I came here because I honestly couldn’t ask for anything better!

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