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Looking into international lifestyle in UJ

Hello! This is Miyu Osada. I’m from Japan and exchange student at the UJ-University of Jamestown. In this time, for the future international students, I’ll show you our lifestyle in UJ!


Firstly, you international students worry about where you live in campus, don’t you? Basically, all dormitories have lounges that contain computers and network printers. There is also air conditioner, desks, dressers, extra-long twin beds, free laundry, free parking, Internet Wi-Fi and optional loft($100/yr.) 

I would like to introduce to you is the dorm that I’ve lived called Kroeze hall. It has the largest capacity in UJ. It has 10 sections that include mini lounges and bathroom and has two floors. Especially, bathroom is placed in each section. In the main lounge, there are fireplace, large flat screen TV, grand piano, some sofas and tables for table tennis, billiards, and air hockey. It has also shared kitchen that students can use. As privilege of this dorm, students allow to have their pets! The center of the dormitory is open with lawn for all residents.  

In the shared kitchen, refrigerator, cooker and microwave are equipped. You can use some bowls to cook something. But there is no cookware like knife and ladle, so you have to prepare them own yourself. 

On the other hand, in the laundry room, you can use washing machine and dryer. The number of machines is limited, so you will be careful to pick up your clothes in time. You will also need to provide your own laundry and shower detergent. 

The room is shared with 2 people. Mattresses are provided, but bed linens, blankets, towels, and pillows are not. You can bring your own furniture in your room. 

Finally, let’s see the cafeteria.  


The main cafeteria of this campus is –Knight Hall. Many students eat in this hall so you can talk and interact with the through your meal. University of Jamestown provides 3 options of meal plan. Each plan has Jimmie Bucks which include certain number of meals in the Knight Hall and buying glossaries in other food store or café in the campus. Jimmie Bucks use during first semester to second semester, but it cannot cross an academic year. If you want to buy additional one, it is $25. 

More details are as follows 

Option1: $2,200/semester    


        50 Jimmies Buck           

Option2: $2,140/semester 

        225 meals   

        125 Jimmies Bucks 

Option3: $2,060 

        190 meals 

        225 Jimmies Bucks 

It’s all right to live alone for the first time. If you have any problems, people in UJ always will help you! 


Entrepreneurship Thrives at UJ

The University of Jamestown football team is off to a 2-0 start for the first time since 2007 and school spirit is running rampant throughout campus. Tailgates set the tone before the game, an enthusiastic student section on the field cheers players on, and the team sings the school’s fight song after a hard-fought win. Of course, no great athletic program is complete without something for the fans to wear. UJ seniors Adam Lopata and Maxwell Enriquez were in the campus bookstore looking for something to represent the Jimmies and took matters into their own hands after being let down by the selection of Jimmie gear.

Lopata told me that the inspiration stemmed from the overwhelming number of bland options. He said “There’s not that many cool shirts around that are reasonably priced”, when looking for something to wear to support Jimmie sports teams. Lopata also cited the duo’s ability to come up with, and execute, creative designs as part of the reason they decided to take action. Elaborating on the origins of the business, Enriquez and Lopata said the name “Jimmie Mafia” is influenced by the Buffalo Bills fan base who goes by “Bills Mafia”. They aim to keep the trend of pop-culture references going with their future designs. “We’re trying to piggy-back off pop culture to build hype so that people will recognize the designs”, said Lopata when asked about future design plans.

The business partners said it has been smooth sailing to this point. Lopata told me that the main sources of marketing for the company have been creating a following on Instagram as well as word of mouth. They noted that being on a small campus helps news spread like wildfire. Additionally, there are plans to create more interest around the company by adding Jimmie Mafia sponsored athletes. Currently, football player Steven Justice and wrestler Ian Howell represent the Mafia.

Thanks to the quick growth of the company, demand has been high. In addition to selling at sporting events the Jimmie businessmen have been taking pre-orders. Plans for the future are not set in stone, but Lopata and Enriquez intend to keep the shirts coming and the money coming in. Catch Jimmie Mafia at the next UJ home football game selling shirts at the tailgate for between ten and fifteen dollars.

Bringing Back Orange Tide

For students who have arrived at the University of Jamestown post-Covid, this may be the first time you hear about Orange Tide. What exactly is Orange Tide? Orange Tide is a student-run organization that promotes the athletic events on campus and helps organize events within the event such as halftime events and games.

Women’s softball coach, Kevin Gall, had the vision to bring this organization back to life. “Orange Tide is about trying to get as many people to our events as possible. During Covid, we didn’t feel like it was worth the effort to try and get people to attend events when we were telling them to social distance at the same time.” But with restrictions lifted, Gall decided it was time to re-establish Orange Tide and get students involved again.

Orange Tide is looking for students who are outgoing and not afraid to get up in front of people and show their Jimmie Pride. It doesn’t matter if they are an athlete or not. Orange Tide’s current featured event is “CHASE THE ACE”. It only takes $1 to enter for a chance to win the jackpot! This game will be found at many of UJ’s sporting events throughout the year. Keep an eye out for the big black box!

If you are a sports enthusiast or you are just looking to be more involved in athletics on campus, join the Orange Tide! Contact Kevin Gall at or any member of the Orange Tide (Paige Erhardt, Briana Perry, Sadie Meissner, Damian Otero, Jermaine Collier, Brady Higgs, and Carlos Julian) to find out how you can get involved.