Northern Plains Fall Retreat 2022

On October 7th to 9th, I went to Cristal Springs Camp as the event invited by cru (A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ) and spent fantastic time there. I would like to show you how that event was!         

On October 7th, we left the UJ at about 16:00pm, and head for Cristal Springs Camp in Medina. Except member in UJ, there were students from other universities. At night, we enjoyed having supper and interacting with them. There held baking s’more party.

Next day, the event like engaging Christ began in earnest. For me, learning holy bible was new for me and there were lot of things to study. Understanding whole content was hard for me, but it was one of experiencing of cross-culture. Not only holy bible, but we could also experience outside activities. I tried to swing and axe throwing for the first time. Swing was so higher than what I expected, and, in the beginning, I was so afraid that I wanted to give up. However, once I pulled the rope and dropped, I felt a sense of release and the brilliant view awaited.   

At that night, it was held “Hawaiian roller-skating party”. There was a gym there and we could take on roller skating shoes freely. It was also first time for me and being played fantastic music made us excited. In there, we could eat shaved ice so I could do it and shaved ice was so cool for me.

Through the event, all that I have experienced was cross-culture and new for me. I also knew how people think Jesus and touched the identities of Christian. It was difficult to understand whole things, but I am sure that a couple of days that I have spent in Cristal Springs Camp have been meaningful.

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