2022 Midterm Election Recap

Election day has come and gone, and the votes have been counted. Let’s take a look at the results of your voting.

For the US House, Kelly Armstrong (R) beat the independent candidate Cara Mund with 62% of votes.

The seat for US Senate went to John Hoven (R) who beat out Katrina Christiansen (D) and Rick Becker (I) with a majority of votes at 56%.

Michael Howe (R) beat Jeffery Powell (D) for the Secretary of State election with a majority of votes at 63%.

Drew Wrigley (R) won the Attorney General election against Timothy Lamb (D) with a majority of votes at 71%.

Two measures were voted on during the election. The first measure, Constitutional Measure 1, was in relation to term limits. The measure is to create term limits for both state legislators and the governor to only allow them to serve for two four-year terms. This measure passed with 63% of voters voting yes.

The second measure, Statutory Measure 2, sought to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota. This measure would allow people, 21 and older, to posses or grow marijuana. This measure did not pass with 54% of voters voting no.

Voting is one of our rights as citizens of the United States to help give us a voice. Voting allows us to weigh in on matters that relate to us or those we love. Speak up for yourself by voting, don’t just be a bystander.

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