UJ Students Relax and Relieve Some Stress at Yoga

Monday night, UJ students tested their yoga skills at the Hansen Center. Yoga instructor Morgan teaches yoga and cycling classes at a local yoga studio on Main Street called Flex and Flow.

Throughout the session, Morgan went through simple poses that helped with balance, stretching of the spine, and opening the shoulders. She also helped students with certain breathing techniques to calm the mind and body while doing various yoga positions. They also worked on Warrior one and two that helps with strength and balance. Furthermore, this was important for students to forget about any stressors in their lives and to be present during the session. Morgan was a great instructor that motivated the students throughout the whole class and gave great tips!

This event was very helpful for students who needed a safe space to relieve stress and to calm the body and mind. University of Jamestown has yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am located in the Foss Fitness Room. It’s free for students and staff from November 1st through December 8th!

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