Women’s Soccer Senior Night 2022

Uj Women’s Soccer hosted their senior night October 22nd 2022 here
at the Jimmie soccer field against College of Saint Mary.. The seniors
recognized were; #7 Aubree Gessel, #6 Haley Dyer, #24 Kamryn
Ficus, #16 Karlie Hintz, #20 Cassandra Diaz, #2 Eleonor Flores, #11
Ryley Bedard, and #9 Bridget VanDancacker. Each Senior was
walked out by their family members while teammates/friends formed
around to celebrate them.This game was a 4 – 0 win for the Jimmie
Womens Soccer with goals scored by, A senior #16 Karlie Hintz,
Freshman #33 Emersen Kimball, Sophomore #18 Gaby Sarkis, A
Sophmore #14 Illiana Ramirez, with all goals being assisted by, A
senior #11 Ryley Bedard. We congratulate these ladies with another
win adding to the Women’s Soccer 10-0-0 record, but it was also a
night to recognize the seniors’ success and their achievements they
have made in the course of their time with the program. Each Senior
has brought not only their talents to the field, but their personalities
and heart that shape the team dynamic to be so successful and
continuously grow. Congratulations JImmie Women’s Soccer!

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