The Comedian Show

On Tuesday January 17, Lafayette wright the comedian came to perform at the DeNault Auditorium in University of Jamestown.  Layette made many jokes lasting up to an hour and the crowd loved and laughed during every second of it. In this article I will be talking about the performance. 

Before the comedian took the stage there was a rock paper scissors tournament for a chance to win VIP for casino night. Then once that was over some faculty members came out to tell the audience that they are in for a ride and that this is for a mature audience. And man were they right!! 

Lafayette first came out saying “Since they said that I’m going to say nasty things I feel like I should just be saying stories that I have that are awful, or I should just say penis”. From the gates the crowd knew they were in for a treat. “He continued with a joke about how black people stole family feud from white people.” 

He was not just entertaining but he was quick on his toes by saying a joke that there’s no black people in North Dakota and that he is the only one. And he brought in Dr. Brian Lang by saying how he likes that way, Wich Dr. Lang responded, “with no I don’t I have two colored kids.” Which then Lafayette then responded with “your wife colored then?” Then Dr. Lang said “nope”, which then Lafayette laughed then said, “so you have multiple,” which then Dr. Lang said, “that they are adopted”, So Lafayette responded with, “dang so you’re one of the good ones ending the joke”. 

The hour flew by fast, and it was enjoyable. If you missed it, I would highly recommend you look him up and watch some of his stuff. I really enjoyed the show and would gladly go see him again.  

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