Don’t Miss Your Chance to Donate! It’s Giving Hearts Day 2023

Every year, on the second Thursday of February, Giving Hearts Day commences. Giving hearts day is a 24 hour online give-a-thon that happens primarily in North Dakota and also in western Minnesota. Donations go to the non profit of your choosing, including the University of Jamestown. All money donated to the University of Jamestown goes straight to student scholarships. 

To get a better understanding of Giving Hearts Day and UJ’s part in it, I sat down with Tara Kapp, the Director of Development for the Booster Club. She was kind enough to educate me on the history of this charity. She explained that the idea came from the Dakota Medical Foundation in 2008, “Their goal was to incorporate nursing homes, hospitals and clinics to help with funding. What they found was the need expanded beyond what they had started.” After this realization they opened it up to all nonprofits. Thanks to the generous community that surrounds the University of Jamestown, this day can have a profound impact on the students. “All donations go to scholarships all over campus, athletic and non athletic. Each department has needs that these proceeds can benefit”, Kapp Explained. The goal is to help every Jimmie with some sort of scholarship assistance. Making education more affordable can provide stress relief for those worried about paying tuition as well as create new opportunities for those that previously could not afford it. 

There is a connection between today and Valentine’s Day. The theme is to “Give With All of Your Heart”. To make connections by helping others. College is the perfect opportunity for young people to educate themselves, grow into extraordinary people, and make connections. UJ embodies that and has been the centerpiece of so many special connections for its students. Giving Hearts Day reminds us that it’s possible to make a difference in somebody’s life. 

For those that wish to donate it can be done via, search for the University of Jamestown. However, if donating online isn’t preferred, you can also write a check as long as it’s dated Thursday, February 9. Every donation between $10 and $12,500 will be matched. As long as your donation is within that range it’s really worth double. In 2022 the University of Jamestown received over $53,000 in just 24 hours. That goes a long way for a campus of just over 1,200 students. 

For those that miss the deadline, you can always call Tara Kapp “any day of the year” and she will make sure your donations get to the right place. Her number is (701) 252-3467 ext. 5024. She can also be reached by email,

Click the link below to donate before time is up!

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