Back at It for UJ’s Softball and Baseball Teams

With the second half of the season coming around the corner for the Women’s UJ softball and Men’s baseball team, it’s another sport that the school can get around and show some support. For Every sport, the season has an ending. However, the period outside of playing the game isn’t all laid back and leisurely. Both teams are involved in off-season training, being a critical practice period that in return will pay dividends in the upcoming season. All in all, off-season training is crucial to rest, develop, and improve the skills that will affect competitive performance, but for both teams, the upcoming season is nothing less than excitement.

            With a busy weekend ahead for the Women UJ softball team, they look to start their season off with four games this weekend playing, Northern State University and Valley City State University Friday. Then playing MSU and Presentation College Saturday, as they look to bring success over to the weekend with a strong off-season of training. Centre fielder Jayda Neiles had some answers to some questions about, what were the challenges and improving factors of the off-season. Also, how excited she is to start playing after the long wait. Jayda states “ The off-season was super overloading with practice every day, plus lifting three times a week. I believe that this training has paid off, as I’m super excited to play varsity for the first time this year. Coming into this weekend our coach has been super hard on us, making sure we practice as we play. He’s also made us watch videos on opposing teams and focus on star players to make sure we shut them down and focus on team success”. This statement, from Jayda, gives us an insight into what has been going on with the UJ Softball team to get equipped for the upcoming season.

With a strong couple of games before off-season training, the Men’s baseball team is looking at this as a stepping stone for continued success for this long stretch ahead, and from an interview with one of the pitchers, Cole Christensen, his words speak of excitement and positivity for what’s to come. “ Since coming back from winter break, we’ve been keeping busy with practicing nine to midnight all week and have been using the batting cages to practice game-like action. With the challenges of the off-season, dealing with back issues and a broken toe, I am super excited for the opportunity to go out there and show everyone what we’re about. Along with dealing with injuries I’ve made sure to stay in shape to be ready for opening day”.

Opening day is coming sooner than later for both these teams, especially for the Women’s Softball team, and with excitement leading up to the season, both know with the hard off-season training they have had, it will lead to team success all season.

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