A Look At Men’s and Women’s Basketball Before the GPAC Championships

With the GPAC Conference Tournament coming up on February 22nd, both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams are looking to make an impact in the tournament. The Men’s team is the 1st ranked team in the GPAC, with a 14-3 conference record, and the  11th ranked team in the country and are hoping to be able to host the tournament this year. While the Women’s Team is the 2nd ranked team in the GPAC, with a 14-4 conference record, only trailing Dordt, who has a 17-1 conference record. Both teams are entering their last few regular season games on hot streaks. With the Women’s team winning 13 of their last 16 games, and winning their last seven games. As the Men’s Team is on a ten-game win streak that started back on January 6th.

            Both teams look to continue their impressive runs as of late, with the Men’s team playing 18th ranked Morningside and Briar Cliff on the road, then ending their season at home against Dordt. While the Women’s team also ends their season against Morningside and 18th ranked Briar Cliff on the road, they come back home to play their last two games of the regular season against College of Saint Mary and 4th ranked Dordt. Both teams are looking to make runs in the GPAC Conference Tournaments, and hopefully bring back the trophies to Jamestown.

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