First Conference Appearance for The Men’s Division 1 Hockey Team

Winning in hockey is achieved in many ways, and athletic prowess is defined by several factors. Some you’re born with, and others are achieved through hard work and dedication. There is no easy way to become a winning athlete, but one thing is clear and that’s the effort and dedication the men’s division 1 team has had all year leading up to the conference tournament. And one thing this team has made sure of is being a team throughout the season; Supporting each other, striving for excellence, accepting responsibility, and providing encouragement has been the main factor this men’s team has focused on.

After a strong season for the Men’s division 1 hockey team, finishing at the top of their conference, they look to take that success and bring it to the conference tournament Friday, February 24 in Fremont, Nebraska. The men’s hockey team has a dedicated group along with a dedicated coach that wants nothing less than to win, so making sure the jimmies are sharp coming into the conference is an important key; not only that but not being too high in emotions, considering this is their first conference appearance ever. The Jimmies conference consists of five teams counting them, and going into the conference they will have a bi in the first game due to their outstanding performance during the regular season. With multiple members of the men’s hockey team extremely excited about this year’s first conference appearance especially the seniors, it’s all business for the Jimmies with tons of prep leading up to the weekend. The weekend consists of three games, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but with the Jimmies having a bi they look to have a practice and video on Friday to get ready for their unknown appoint Saturday afternoon. With a key member out of their lineup due to a concussion (Jake Huculak), they look to thrive through the diversity and bring home a conference win back to their school.

All things considered, the men’s hockey team has put multiple hours in on the ice, in the gym, and in the classroom working on mental skills. So as the days fly by faster than anyone wants, it’s an exciting experience that all these men are going to enjoy, in light of all the hard work they have put in all seasons. Overall, these men know how thrilling and intense the sport of hockey is and how it requires physical skills, mental toughness, and strategic thinking. But they do it for weekends like the one coming up with conferences and leading into nationals in March.

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