The Jimmie Jane’s! Going Strong for Nearly 100 Years

At the University of Jamestown we have a variety of clubs and organizations that support the school and its community. One of the oldest clubs, the Jimmie Jane’s, has been active since 1926. The Jimmie Jane’s is an all women’s club that supports females and athletics here at UJ. They have a long history of volunteering for football concessions and putting on the senior athletic banquet. I sat down with President Lauryn Hibl, a sophomore, to discuss the exciting and charitable events that these women put on. 

By volunteering to organize and operate the football concessions, they gather their funds to host events throughout the year. Back in October UJ Hockey had a pink out game presented by the Jimmie Janes. The team wore pink jerseys that were auctioned off to the community along with other equipment. It was a huge success and proceeds from that auction went directly to the JRMC cancer center. With approximately $2,000 raised it was one of the club’s biggest donations to date. Their next big project will be hosting a community Easter event on campus, April 2nd. There will be an Easter egg hunt for kids and a pancake feast as well. In the past this event has been done at the Anne Carlsen Center but this year it will be done in Newman Arena. This event is also an opportunity to support those affected by Gynecological Carcinosarcoma (GCS), a rare and deadly cancer found in women. Tickets will be sold for this event, however, prices and starting time will be announced at a later date. Proceeds from those tickets will become donations for GCS. At the end of the year the Jimmie Jane’s will host the senior athletic banquet. Without the Jane’s, the banquet would not be operational. They buy the gifts for our seniors and play a significant role in putting the banquet together. Given that all of the money they work hard to raise goes back to the community and to the seniors, we are very lucky to have Jimmie Jane’s on campus. 

The club elected a young and ambitious president in Lauryn Hibl. She joined as a freshman and is on a mission to grow the Jane’s over the next couple of years. Her goal is to leave the club stronger than when she joined. It is women only and there are currently 15 members, more are welcome as well as needed. As Lauryn told me, “There’s no limit to the amount of people that can make a difference. If you’re looking to be a part of a team, make good friends, and volunteer for necessary causes then the Jimmie Jane’s would love to have you”. As men we can support the Jimmie Jane’s by showing up to their events and helping to create a fun and positive environment. The next time you’re at a football game, or at any Jimmie Jane organized event, don’t be afraid to say thank you for all that they do.

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