Casino Night

On February 24 Jamestown hosted their third annual Casino Night. It is the most hyped-up event of the year, and it lives up to its hype. Everyone dresses formally, setting the tone for the night. This year the prizes were $50 and $100 from Walmart and Amazon, $50 TJ Maxx gift card, $50 Izumi gift card, and the VIP access gifts were $50, $50, $75, $75, and $100. The prizes did not end there. They also had big prizes including a Nintendo Switch with Mario Cart, cornhole board, a massage gun, an iPad with a smart pencil, two tickets to a Shania Twain concert, and finally, a four-person trip to one of the local places in town for a night of fun. If you tuned into all three of the events offered this year at the Hansen, you would get VIP access, giving you more playing chips and exclusive drinks. 

It was a blast of a night. It started out at the coat check, where you could drop your coat off for the night. Then you were greeted by faculty members who gave you your playing chips and a mocktail. First, I tried my luck at BINGO. The first round I hardly got on the board. So, I had to play another round, a border round. I was one square away from victory. I could feel the game was getting close, then BOOM I heard BINGO and I tasted the defeat in my mouth. It tasted like a watermelon mocktail. I turned in my card and headed to the dance floor to cheer myself up. My girlfriend and I waited for a swing dance song to come up. After a while of no luck, we decided to swing dance regardless of the song. Once I was ready to go back to trying my luck with gambling again. I thought long and hard on what to play and then I settled on war. I was doing well; I would say winning rounds left and right. I heard someone say last round and then they are starting to draw sooooo… I did what any reasonable person would do. I put it all in. I was feeling myself and when the dealer got my card and flipped it over… Revealing a 5 and my confidence dropped. Then the dealer flipped her card over, showing us exactly what we needed… a 4. With this excitement I went to put in my tickets. Sadly, I did not win anything, but it was an absolute blast and I can’t wait until next year. 

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