Delayed Start to Spring Football

With Jamestown receiving 32 inches over this winter the football has had to delay their start to their spring football practices. Practices were scheduled to start on March 15th but have been pushed back to April 3rd cause of all the snow fall. In the meantime, time the football team has continued to lift on Tuesdays and Thursdays along with having Offensive and Defensive walk throughs in the Larson Gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Along with the walk throughs, to be prepared for when the team is able to get on the field, coaches have been holding position and unit meetings throughout the week to prepare the players for when they are able to take the field. As far as the Spring Game goes, it is still scheduled for April 21st. We hope the weather starts to warm up and the football can get on the field to practice, but in the meantime the team will keep on doing whatever they can to get better every day and be prepared for when they are able to get on the field.

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