Jimmie Golf Is Back!

Golf is viewed as a mental game, and for good reason. While physical skills such as technique and power are crucial in golf, the mental side of the game often separates good players from great ones. One of the mental golf skills is the ability to stay focused and concentrate on each shot. In golf, there is often a tone of time between shots, which makes it easy for a player’s mind to wander. In addition, the start of a new season is also a time for golfers to work on their mental game. With golfing being a sport with a high degree of mental focus and concentration, the off-season Is a time for a golfer to master that part of their game; further, with the long winter in North Dakota this year, the men’s and women’s golf team had plenty of time to work on this part of their game. And after the long winter season that seems like it doesn’t want to leave, spring ball for the Jimmies golf team is right around the corner.

           When March 27 hits, that’s when both the men’s and women’s golf teams start their spring ball. Both teams start early morning Monday the 27, and Tuesday the 28 at Quail Ridge GC, where they look to start the season with a good couple of rounds. The start of a new golf season is an exciting time for golfers, and I bet the Jimmie golfers are super excited to get back on the course. After a long winter break, golfers are eager to get back on the course and test their skills against other players. So, all the time in the golf simulator and in the gym will hopefully make a good start to a new season for the golf team. Overall, as a student-athlete myself I know how it is to finally get that feeling of getting back into the groove of playing the sport you love, and as anything has taught us about college sports is that it’s a very worthwhile experience. So as the jimmies golf team heads into next week for spring ball, we know that all the off-season training and preparation will lead them into a great mindset of having a solid season.

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