Upcoming Event: Impact of Yugoslav War on Graphic Design

On Monday, April 17, 2023, the Convocations Committee at UJ will host a presentation by Dejan Mraovic titled “The Impact of the Yugoslav Civil War and Politics On My Graphic Design.” The presentation will be at 7:00p in Orlady Hall, Room 024.

Mr. Mraovic grew up in the former Yugoslavia, in the midst of war and conflict. His work as a graphic designer is influenced by this background, and he will discuss this connection, as well as the impact of the conflict on his life. The presentation will include selections from Mr. Mraovic’s portfolio that are connected to the themes of war and politics.

Dejan Mraovic is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Graphic Design program at Campbell University in North Carolina. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.

For more information, you can contact Computer Science and Technology Professors Erik Sand (sand@uj.edu) or Mary Reed (mreed@uj.edu).

Dejan Mraovic

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