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Hula’s Fire Grill Adds New Cuisine to Jamestown

By Kelly Halverson

Jamestown, North Dakota is your typical Midwestern town, but recently a new restaurant opened its doors, bringing some island flavor to the city.

Hula’s Fire Grill is located at 110 Second St. NW and offers a menu full of mouth-watering food.

Hula’s Fire Grill opened its doors in February and has seen a steady flow of traffic from the surrounding community. The owners, Sandy and Jerry, both grew up in small Hawaiian towns. They recently celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary.

Sandy, the mastermind in the kitchen, derived most of the menu items from her great grandma’s recipes. Before a new item is added to the menu, Sandy will cook it for her employees, and it has to earn their approval to land on the menu.

Ribs, chicken wings, and fried rice are some of the most popular dishes on the menu. Photo: Kelly Halverson

“I am speechless when it comes to Sandy’s recipes. They remind me of home and the taste of the island,” said the manager Flo, when asked to describe Sandy’s cooking.

Sandy opened her first restaurant in Williston after moving to North Dakota with only 300 dollars. The Jamestown location is an offshoot of the successful Williston restaurant. Sandy and Jerry’s adopted niece Flo is now the manager of the new restaurant, and she considers it her pride and joy.

She was trained by Jerry and worked her way up from waitress to delivery driver to cook and finally, to manager in Jamestown. She can be found at the restaurant every day from 8:00 am to 11:30pm, making sure that everything is running smoothly.

“It’s starting to feel like home. I enjoy my employees’ company, they are family,” said Flo when asked about her time so far here in Jamestown.

Their menu offers wings, ribs, Aloha hotdogs, fried rice,and much more. The portion sizes are generous and offer a little taste of island life right here in Jamestown. As the menu states, “Hula’s food is not fancy. It’s just simple, lots of it,and ‘Ono’ (delicious).”

The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, with an interior full of bright colors and delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. Their motto is “ohana” which means family, and it is clear to see that the employees behind Hula’s Fire Grill are just that- a family.

They are open 11am-9pm daily, and now offer delivery between 11:30-1:30 & 5:30-8:30.

Honors Day A Success At UJ

By Zach Miller

A quality education for students has been the forefront of the University of Jamestown’s mission ever since its inception in 1883.

This year, 2019, is no different. Some of UJ’s finest students were honored earlier this month at the Honors Convocation for their exceptional efforts in pursuing their education here at UJ.

Many of UJ’s students and their families gathered at the Voorhees Chapel on Thursday, April 4th to receive their awards. The UJ Honors Convocation is a way for students to be recognized for their hard work, but also for the family members to witness the progress of their loved one and feel proud for their accomplishments.

The ceremony lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes with a speech from President Polly Peterson and the announcing of the Honors students by UJ Provost Paul Olson.

UJ senior Tommy Voss was one of the students being honored and had this to say about the experience, “I think that Honors Day is a great way for students to be recognized for all the hard work they have put in so far here at UJ.” Tommy is an Exercise Science major and was recognized as the Merle and Peggy Foss Most Outstanding Major in Exercise Science. After finishing up his undergraduate degree, Thomas plans to apply to Medical School.

Faculty were also recognized for their efforts this year. Athletic Trainer Gene Crabtree was named Staff Person of the Year, and Professor Liz Hunt won Professor of the Year.

UJ Professor Liz Hunt accepts her award as Professor of the Year at the Honors Convocation on Thursday, April 4th. Photo: Zach Miller

University Bookstore Provides the “Jimmie Connection”

By Tess Haugrud

The Jimmie Connection Store is not your typical college bookstore – it is so much more.

From selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and sweatpants to coffee mugs, water bottles, blankets, and home decor and so much more, the Jimmie Connection Store appeals to a wide variety of customers.

The store has sales periodically throughout the school year and has clearance items toward the back of the store. Some of the items they have for sale are Jimmie crew sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, pajamas, socks, jackets, blankets, water bottles, home decorations, car decals, scarves, gifts, hats, and school supplies. As of right now, they are having a sale on all kinds of books like novels, Bibles, medical dictionaries, guitar beginners books, and a variety of textbooks.

Throughout the year, the Jimmie Connection Store offers door prize giveaways for things such as water bottles and gift cards to keep customers interested and to bring more people in the store to check out their deals. Emails are sent out to students with sale item information, so be sure to check your emails!

The workers at the store counter are friendly and willing to help. When asking present worker Orlando Rosa he likes working at the Jimmie Connection Store, he replies with, “I love working here because you get to meet with people and talk to them as they come in to see the merchandise. We typically have good deals going on and change out our stuff to match the student needs and wants so that’s really cool that I can be a part of that.”

The store hours are:-

-Monday – Friday: 9AM-4PM

-Weekend: Times differ due to special events and sporting events happening on campus

Along with the main Jimmie Connection Store in the Lyngstad building, the University of Jamestown has a smaller, separate Jimmie Connection Store in the Newman Arena that sells similar merchandise items but different clothing items, so be sure to check out the other articles of clothing during, before or after the sporting events held in the Newman Arena! The hours for the smaller Jimmie Connection store depend on the timing of sporting events.

The Jimmie Connection Store provides the campus with loads of Jimmie gear and supplies to show school spirit and support our fellow Jimmies students, staff, and faculty.

Stop by the store throughout the week to see the deals happening and be sure to check your emails for upcoming deals the store will be putting on.

Jimmie Baseball Goes 2-2 in First Weekend of GPAC Play

By Andy Reed

The Jimmies played in Topeka Kansas last weekend (3/16 – 3/17) where they faced off against Northwestern on Saturday, and Briar Cliff on Sunday in the opening weekend of GPAC baseball.

The Jimmies came into Conference Play at 10-6. Their first challengers in the new GPAC league, Northwestern record was 6-9. Dakota Nelson got the start for the Jimmies and went 6 2/3 innings in the 7-inning game striking out six and giving up three runs and five hits.

Center Fielder Tanner Roundy takes a swing at a pitch. Photo: Andy Reed

The Jimmies offense was led by Jaden Yackley, who hit a two-run homer and scored the only runs for the Jimmies. Drake Pilat, Tanner Roundy and Kaleb Binstock also recorded hits. The effort was not enough as Northwestern pulled off 2 last inning runs to take game one of the double-header.

Kensaku Akiya took the mound in game 2 for the Jimmies. Akiya pitched four innings giving up 3 runs. Andrew Reed picked up where Akiya left off in the last three innings allowing no runs and getting his first save.

The Jimmie Offense was led by Chase Hacker who hit two home runs to give him 5 RBIs in the game. Zach Zurbrugg, Kaleb Binstock and Drake Pilat had RBIs in the game as well to give the Jimmies the win by a score of 8-3.

The Jimmies took on Briar Cliff the next day. They split the day again making them 2-2 on the weekend and in the GPAC. They currently sit 4th in the GPAC. Next weekend the Jimmies head to Hastings Nebraska to play a 4-game set against Hastings.

Coach Tom Hager calls a defensive meeting on the mound. Photo: Andy Reed

Weathering The Storm: Snow, Snow, Snow

By Zach Miller

A little less than two weeks ago, the city of Jamestown and a good chunk of south-eastern North Dakota was hit with what we hope to be the final blizzard of this winter season.

With approximately 12 inches of snowfall on the night of March 13, 2019, getting out of the house was a challenge for most. The large volume of snow was then coupled by high-speed winds almost gusting up to 50 mph.

A small pile of snow that used to be part of a much larger drift outside of Deer Ridge Apartments in Jamestown, ND. Photo: Zach Miller

A small strip of businesses on Business Loop W actually experienced a collapse of an awning that stretched out in front of their front doors due to the weight of the snow. Businesses in the area included Electronic Doctors for You, Mattress By Appointment, Outcast Ink Tattoo & Piercing Shop and Salvation Army Thrift Store

It took a few days of non-stop work by the snow plows to finally get the streets clear and safe to be traveled on. But now, with all the snow heaps and mounds on the sides of the roads, we may have to wait until the snow is gone for good.

Luckily the residents of Jamestown have been blessed with some very warm temperatures that have been going to work on those massive piles of snow. The concern with this is the flooding that could then occur from the rapid melting of snow.

A small icicle forms on top of a massive pile of snow that was the result of a blizzard that hit the city of Jamestown on March 13, 2019. Photo: Zach Miller

Star University of Jamestown Wrestler’s Long Journey to the Top

By Jayci McCrory

Cara Romeike is a 5th year senior and star wrestler at the University of Jamestown, but don’t be fooled by her Jimmie Pride, this girl didn’t always bleed orange and black, and her journey to get here was anything but easy.

Cara started her collegiate wrestling career at Oklahoma City University, a mere three hours from her hometown of Coppell, Texas. The wrestler chose Oklahoma City University as it was THE place to be.

Adjusting to college was difficult for Romieke. She felt she didn’t know what she wanted to do at school and felt extremely homesick being away from her parents and lifelong friends for the first time. Little did she know, she’d be going home sooner than she thought.

Cara, mid take down with one of the school’s practice dummies, something she has done time and time again to perfect her moves.

One day at practice, Cara was taken down. She hit her head and hit it hard, which sent her into a seizing fit and was rushed to the hospital. Once there the doctors told her that if a hit like this happened again, the consequences would be far more dire than the concussion she had sustained. She was told that day that she should leave the mat and singlet behind, as the risks were too great to send her back to participating in a contact sport.

With that, she left Oklahoma City and went back home to Texas to live under her parents’ care. She spent her time helping coach her old high school’s wrestling team.

While she was still involved with the sport, she couldn’t close the hole in her heart where competing had left a vacancy, so she decided to go back to compete.

“A life without wrestling wasn’t a life at all,” Romeike says, when talking about her decision to end her leave of absence from the competition.

Cara entered an open tournament in May of 2016 where she was recruited by the University of Jamestown’s wrestling coach.

“I told my mom I was going to think about it, but I had already decided within five minutes of talking to [the coach]” Cara said, describing how quickly she had decided to rejoin the collegiate athletic scene.

Cara Romeike shows off her silly side and grip strength as she hangs from what she calls the monkey bars. Photo: Jayci McCrory

Within two months she was enrolled in class at the University of Jamestown. The transition was much easier this time around. She made great friends almost immediately coming here, enjoyed the warm and welcoming environment that is UJ, and finally felt like she knew what she wanted to do and was on the right path.

Although she continued to ups and downs, her teammates and her new coaches helped her overcome it all. Her success in overcoming obstacles lead her to success in a tournament hosted at the University of Jamestown last Saturday, March 16th. Cara made it all the way to the finals and even though she didn’t win, she felt on top of the world.

Now that wrestling season is over, Cara is focusing on her second passion: whales. Romeike will be discussing whales in her senior seminar presentation Monday April 1st at 7pm in Orlady 123.

After graduation, Cara hopes to teach high school biology and coach wrestling as there would be a place where she can actively participate in both of her passions.

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