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Marching to The Beat of a Different Drum

By Andrew Reed

The Look Beyond Committee is hosting an event that should excite as much as it will teach.

“Tabla: Indian Culture Through Drum” is a chance to take a step out of the comfort of modern American culture, and into a whole new world through the Indian drum, the Tabla.

“Tabla: Indian Culture Through Drum”, will feature a special guest appearance through Zoom from master Tabla drummer Dishant Thakkar. Dishant will be teaching the basics of playing the Tabla and some history and culture behind the Tabla and India.

I sat down with Dr. Kihle (Assistant Professor of Percussion and Assistant Director of Bands) the moderator of this event, to gain further knowledge of the Tabla, and some insight into what will take place.

“He (Thakkar) is going to teach some Tabla drumming to participants.” Kihle continued with, “The second half is going to be Dishants thoughts and possibly participants thoughts on the interactions between Indian culture and American culture, how somebody from Indian culture experiences this culture and how people in this culture experience people from that culture.”

Dr. Kihle met Mr. Thakkar during both their times at Texas A&M Kingsville and when speaking with the Look Beyond Committee, Kihle brought up that he thought it would be a great opportunity to have Thakkar speak.

During our meeting, Dr. Kihle also added, “I hope that they will get a glimpse inside of a perspective that somebody who’s not from this country, and yet has experienced this country a little bit.”. He continued with, “And honestly, (I hope) they will appreciate what somebody else who’s not just like them is going through.”

The event is open to all students and is being held on Wednesday October 28th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in the Voorhees Chapel. University of Jamestown COVID-19 protocols will be in place for this event which includes social distancing, masks and sanitizer and wipes.

Quotes to Live By

By Kali Jensen

It was the summer before my senior year in high school when I began my college visits.

I scheduled several visits throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. My vision was set on a huge university in a large city. However, keeping my options open, I had a few smaller colleges and universities scheduled to tour as well.

After each college/university visit, I listed my pros and cons until I visited the University of Jamestown. I walked into Taber Hall, the admission office at the time, and knew right at that moment that the University of Jamestown was the university for me.

I walked in the entrance and saw my name. The smell in the air reminded me of my home church. At that moment of entering Taber Hall, I was overcome by the warm sense of having the feeling of home. I knew this was is where I wanted to receive my education before I even had a tour of the campus.

Moving four and a half hours away from home, I had a lot of emotions heading into the next chapter of my life. I knew this campus would let me continue my passion of elementary education, singing and my love for God.

The language of music
Prior to my Freshmen year at the University of Jamestown, I auditioned for the University of Jamestown’s Concert Choir. My audition landed me as a Soprano Two. I did not know at the time how blessed I was to be part of an amazing, talented group of individuals I would call family. Being a part of this Concert Choir family is an experience of a lifetime. I was blessed to travel to several surrounding towns, several states including the west coast and northeastern area, and internationally spreading our love of music.

Through the language of music, I have learned a lot about my choir family and myself. Each one of us has a unique life path; one of the paths includes music. When each of our individual paths meet, it is as if nothing else exists and we become one.

Music is not my only passion.
Another passion I have is my love of God. I was able to serve on the Worship Design Team for Chapel. As a disciple, I found joy in serving on this team and growing spiritually. This campus team has truly lived up to John 10:27.
“Love the Lord your God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

It’s not always easy
My four-year journey on the University of Jamestown campus has been full of fun and excitement, but I would be lying to you if I said it was easy. Moving 300 miles away from home is not easy. Being 300 miles away from all family members is not easy. Moving 300 miles away from home, not knowing anyone, is not easy. All the unknowns are scary and hard. I have made many friends and have surrounded myself with people who encourage me to move onward and upward.

Quotes to live by
My moms push me to do better and be better. Each year, my moms give me a little quote for me to live by. They would send me these quotes in various ways. When in doubt, I recite the encouraging quote of the year. These few words would get me through the week and most often through each day.

Freshmen Year: You Got This!
Freshmen year is full of new things and uncertainty. I was by myself. I did not know anyone. I did not know where anything was on campus. I was new to town. I did not know anything about living on my own. I did not get the whole “college” thing.

I kept telling myself “You got this!” I made friends quickly. I found my way around campus. I asked many questions. I drove around town and found a great spot to watch the sunset at the reservoir. My professors helped me navigate college courses and pushed me to keep going.

Sophomore Year: Eyes on the Prize!
Sophomore year has many distractions. I have many friends. I was in the choir. I was on the Worship Design Team for Chapel. I sought out other campus teams and committees as well. There are many fun things to do on campus. Your time doing fun stuff can quickly consume your time away from studies.

I had to tell myself “Eyes on the prize!” I am at the University of Jamestown to earn a degree in Elementary Education. I needed to figure out how to balance fun, friends and education. With the focus of “Eyes on the prize”, I was able to balance education first and the rest fell into place.

Junior Year: Be the change!
Junior year was the year for change. Returning to college after summer break, I was not the same person. I needed to create and move towards my own path. I needed to be the leader of that path I was paving.

I grew that summer with a positive confidence and strength within myself that separated me from some of my peers. I had to remind myself to “Be the change!” and that it is okay. I began to like who I was starting to become. I had the confidence and ability to help others become the best version of themselves just as I did.

Senior Year: I can!
Senior year, then what? I have a new set of unknowns after graduation.

“I can!” I can move away from Jamestown. I can stay living in Jamestown. I can move back home to Minnesota. I can move where I find a job. I can further my education. No matter what I put my mind to, I can! If I can dream it, I can do it!

I have created many memories within my four years at the University of Jamestown. I have an amazing choir family. I am surrounded with individuals who love God, just as much as I do. I am blessed with Professors I can call friends. I have met several amazing people along the way.

Do not take your college career for granted. This educational experience is something I will never forget. I am excited and nervous for my next chapter in life.

My advice to everyone in any situation is to repeat after me:

You Got This!
Eyes on the Prize!
Be the Change!
I can!

An Experience to Remember

By Devon Schultz

My experience here at UJ has definitely surprised me in a good way.

Before coming to UJ, I always imagined myself going to a big university with all my high school friends…especially being from a small town—I wanted to go somewhere new and experience the city life.

However, I could not be happier with the decision I made to come here. I thought that having a big class where I could just blend in and be a part of the crowd is what a wanted, but coming here has shown me that I wanted the exact opposite.

Having professors who care about you and know you by name encourages me to do well in my academics and pushes me to be the best I can be. It’s nice to know that if I need help with anything outside of college, I can call any of my professors and they will help me the best they can, no questions asked.

Coming to UJ has given me another family. I have never had a group of friends closer to me than I do now. Being on the basketball team and participating in concert choir have given me friendships that I will have for the rest of my life, and I’ve made memories that I will be able to tell my family someday.

There are so many great things that I never would have had or been able to accomplish without coming here. Some of my biggest memories will be here at UJ, winning my first ever championship and getting a ring, writing my first ever song, going to California and Las Vegas and many other western states for the first time in my life, and so many other things that I will hold and cherish forever.

My favorite part about UJ is the strong and supportive community built around it. The community is always so supportive of everything that happens here at UJ, whether it’s coming to the sporting events, coming to concerts and plays, or even putting on a massive block party every year. It’s amazing to see all of these people who don’t even know us show so much love and support.

The faculty members are also amazing; the fact that they know everyone by name and are so supportive of everything we do is incredible. I can never repay them for the things they have done for me. I will never forget the day I saw that some professors posted about my song on all of their social media pages. It was truly one of the best feelings.

Wrapping this up, I’m so glad I decided to come to UJ—the small tight-knit college and community can set anyone up to be great and to follow their dreams. Thank you UJ for giving me a college experience to remember.

Home Away from Home

By Kassi Ward

From the day I visited the UJ campus, I knew I wanted to be a Jimmie.

There was something special about the campus, people, town and culture that I knew I needed to be a part of it. I remember returning home from visiting the campus and telling my mom I had found the one. Who would have thought this girl from a western Washington town of 50,000 would find her home away from home at a small liberal arts college in the northern plains of North Dakota?

The University of Jamestown was not on my short list of colleges to checkout initially.

It was through the UJ softball program and Coach Gall that I found my path here. Being a student-athlete had been a long-time goal of mine. While the game of softball is something I am passionate about, I needed to make sure I chose a school that also met my academic and social/community goals as well, and UJ has not disappointed.

In the last four years at UJ, I have made lifelong friends and amazing memories.

The students, professors, staff and people of Jamestown have helped me find my true personality, what I’m passionate about in life and to broaden my goals. The breadth of activities and clubs at UJ provides plenty of opportunities for students to try something new or to stay in their comfort zone. For me, it was the chance to try new things and meet new people. The experiences gained and the friendships built through softball, Samaritan’s Feet Student Organization, the Wildlife Society, Physical Education Student Organization and Jamestown community events will stay with me forever.

As the fall semester of my senior year comes to a close, I look back at what it has meant to be a Jimmie.

It’s honor, hard work, faith and support of others. Would I do it again? You betcha! I am forever grateful for the family UJ softball has given me and for everything Coach Gall and Coach Tom do to develop us as players and students. To the professors and staff, thank you for your holistic approach to teaching and working with students.

Lastly, the North Dakota and UJ experiences have made an impression on me. So much so, that I plan on staying in the area to continue my graduate studies. I would not change my decision to attend UJ and become a Jimmie for anything in the world. Thank you to everyone here at UJ for the wonderful experience, lifelong memories and friends.

Stop and Smell the Roses

By Jacob Just

I think it would be an understatement to say that I am a busy person—always have been and probably always will be.

In high school, you would see me running all around the small town of Morris, Minnesota. Going from one meeting to another. From one job to another. School fit in there somewhere. When I started my first semester at UJ, I promised myself that I would calm down on the number of extra-curriculars and jobs I would take on.I think my promise lasted one week.

Today, you can find me helping at some sort of JAB event, writing an article or two for The Collegian, or screaming about Parliamentary Procedure in Student Senate. While this is what I may be involved in, each member of the Jimmie family has a unique way of being busy. Heck, one of the unofficial pillars of being a Jimmie is getting involved. As collegegoers, we know full well the strenuous time commitments involved with being a full-time student.

When we get involved in various activities and attend college, we utilize the skills and experiences gained to give us further opportunities down the road. We constantly work to ensure that we excel in sports, class, and extracurriculars. Jimmies are always laser-focused on the road ahead with sights on succeeding.While it is important to keep your eyes on the prize, remember to take a step back and enjoy the journey.

At UJ, we pride ourselves on the Journey to Success. A journey involves numerous twists and turns, ups and downs. But the point of the journey is not to quickly get from point A to point B. In life, your journey from point A to point B is going to have multiple layovers, delays, and cancellations. After that, you still have 24 letters of the alphabet left.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of things at UJ and in life. You have to go to practice; then, you have a class, lab, and a couple of papers to write. In the rush of it all, take time to reflect and look at where you’re at. Take it all in. Seniors and alumni will tell you that your time at UJ will go by so fast. They wouldn’t tell you that if it wasn’t true. This could be said about life in general.

Enjoy the ride, and never forget to stop and smell the roses.

The History of Coffee

By The History Club

College. During this first step into the adult life, many students develop a taste for a dark, rich liquid that provides them with an energy boost and keeps them awake during their early morning classes.

What is this magical elixir I speak of? First off, magic has nothing to do with it. It is simply the tasty juice produced from brewing coffee beans. Although finding your local coffee shop may not be too much of a task, did you know that coffee was supposedly discovered by accident?

According to legend, a simple goat herder in Ethiopia was walking through a brush area when he saw his goats eating what were soon to be called coffee beans. Later, he noticed them acting energetic and unable to fall asleep at nighttime. He reported his findings to the local abbot at the monastery who shared it with the monks of the abbey. After the discovery of coffee and its powers, the bean soon began to spread to the Arabian Peninsula. Once there, the Arabians cultivated the beans as a crop and began to open the first coffee houses, sometimes known as “Schools of the Wise” because of the social nature of these early cafés.

Although coffee was becoming a universal favorite in many places through peaceful means, there were some cases where conflict turned people’s attention to the delightful treat. In one case, some Italian clergy during the 17th Century felt that coffee might be a temptation of evil and therefore condemned it in the province of Venice. The case eventually made its way to Pope Clement VIII who tasted the drink himself and decided that there was no evil involved and gave it papal approval. Another such example of conflict in the history of coffee deals with the American Revolution. During

the early stages of revolt, tea was heavily taxed by the British Empire which eventually led to the dumping of British tea into the Boston Harbor as a sign of protest in the infamous Boston Tea Party. In need of a new hot beverage, Americans began to turn more towards coffee over the usual tea. Who knew there could be so much history behind a simple cup of joe?

Works Cited National Coffee Association . “The History of Coffee.” n.d. Nation Coffee Association. Web. 12 September 2020.

UJ Place to Proudly Serve Starbucks®

University of Jamestown representatives are excited to announce that, early- to mid-September, they will be an authorized purveyor of Starbucks® coffee at their new Knight & Day Coffee House in UJ Place.

UJ Place is a mixed-use building located just next to Harold Newman Arena on the north side of Jamestown. It has 112 student beds and 56 units along with 13,000+SF of commercial space in the building. Knight & Day Coffee House will be on the north end of the building and will occupy roughly 2,000 square feet of space.

“We have been hoping to get a coffee shop in this building to cater to the University of Jamestown campus, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them into the space,” said McKenzy Olson, VP Marketing and Public Relations at EPIC Companies.

As an authorized purveyor, Knight & Day Coffee House will exclusively serve Starbucks® full menu of coffee and beverages. “Most of our decisions for UJ Place revolve around students having options inside of the space,” explained Dustin Jensen, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs. “We will provide coffee, but it will also be a bistro with food options, as well as study and social spaces.”

Knight & Day Coffee House, which will have enough seating for 15-20 people, will be open to the public. It will feature a drive-thru, as well as ample, free parking.

“We know most people in Jamestown are Starbucks fanatics,” explained Jensen. “So, we are excited to be able to give the community this option.”

Legacy – Riley Akervik

Legacy is the reason why we are Jimmies. As a Jimmie, my experiences were more than I could have ever asked for.

A rough start.
To be honest, my first semester was less than ideal. I felt completely lost on campus, and nothing seemed to click. Being on the golf team was exciting, but I held myself to a very high standard right away, which led me to complete failure.

The same happened in the classroom. I questioned my major and ended up switching from Nursing to Business Administration. By the end of the first month I had questioned myself every day if I should drop out of school or transfer. UJ did not feel like home, and a lot of my experiences were negative.

It wasn’t until about November of my freshman year that I felt right at UJ. I had found great friends and picked my grades back up, but I still looked at many situations negatively.

With those bad experiences, however, came lessons.
Many of my mentors, both on and off campus, taught me the importance of negative experiences and how to look at them from a positive point of view. Honestly, that’s the biggest piece of advice that I could give to any student at any college. Stick with it, and learn to view your situation in a positive way.

Learning that has put a fire in me to build a legacy. All of those people that taught me to live life positively have built their legacy at UJ. Some are former athletes or professors, and some are community members that loved UJ just as much as the others. I will keep their lessons with me for the rest of my life.

At the end of the day, I cannot say enough about the community of Jamestown. The University, especially, has built me into someone who lives with passion and wants to teach others about how UJ can build their legacy.

The choir program, professors, theatre department, athletic department, students, and many other great programs and people on this campus are such large factors in why I love being a Jimmie today. The people on this campus and in this community know how to take care of each other.

As we always say, “Once a Jimmie, always a Jimmie.”

The 4 BEs – Joey Kleinsasser

Growing up in Jamestown, I never even thought about going to UJ for school. I wanted to go someplace that I would have endless opportunities, I would get the best education, and that would be my home-away-from-home. I was positive I would not get any of this in little Jamestown. I had no idea how wrong I would be.

When I toured UJ as a senior in high school, I had every intention of solely using it as an excuse to skip school for a day and see one of my friends who attended there. The second I stepped on campus, it felt very different than every other place I had visited; it felt like home. By the end of the tour, I had made my decision about enrolling, but I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I was embarrassed about going to college in my hometown.

Three years later, I couldn’t be prouder of being a Jimmie. This campus has given me so many opportunities, a wonderful education, professors who genuinely care about me, and the most genuine people I have ever met. UJ allowed me to not only get my degree, but to be in Concert Choir, Student Senate, and countless other committees and organizations. The opportunities given to me have been limitless—all because I decided to take a chance on the little school on the hill.

Through these three years, I have learned many lessons. Some of the big four include:

Be Intentional: Our actions and thoughts impact others around us. Do things for a reason.

Be Present: Enjoy your time here. It goes by so fast (I know this is very cliché, but it is true).

Be Genuine: Be unforgivingly you. You are unique and here for a reason. Let everyone see the real you.

Be Uncomfortable: College is such a weird but beautiful time. Embrace the uncertainty and the victories. As one of my favorite professors, Dr. Stotts, always says, “A little stress is good for you. It gets the dendrites going and makes new connections. That’s when you learn.”

Put yourself out there. Be unsure. Take risks. Some of the most uncomfortable times in my life have become some of my favorite memories.

Thank you, UJ, for the best time of my life. It really is true what they say: you find both yourself and your people in college.

I will be forever grateful to be a Jimmie. #honjims

Family, pride and acceptance – Natalie Kromm

From the second I walked on to this campus for my recruit trip, I automatically got a feeling of acceptance, as if I was meeting my family all over again. This made my commitment to the Women’s Soccer team and to this school an easy decision.

I had originally found out about Jamestown through my brother, Bryan Kromm, who had been playing on the Hockey team at the time. Having him here, as well, made the decision for me to come here easy for both my parents and myself. The friends and people I have met in Jamestown will be my forever friends and some of the most interesting and amazing people I know.

For me personally, I feel that I have grown so much as an individual in the past four years—even more than I have in my entire life. Coming to school here made me learn a lot of hard truths, but also allowed me to grow and become more open minded.

I like to think that I have become a well-rounded person, which ultimately led me to be a captain—to lead my team the way I was led when I was a freshman, sophomore and junior. Being able to pass on what I have learned from my coaches, prior teammates and professors about life, hard work, and discipline is an honor that I will not take for granted and will cherish for the rest of my life.

I never once felt for a second that this was not the place for me. Since day one, whether it be on the field or in the classroom, I never felt unwelcome.

Another amazing thing about this school is that for how small it is, I always seemed to meet someone new every day…which I always thought was pretty cool! I was never afraid to reach out to a new person or say hi to someone new on campus, because I knew that others would do the same to me.

Words that pop into my head when I think of our school are: family, pride, and acceptance. Regret is not a word that will ever pop up in my head when I think about the University of Jamestown.

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