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Newest University of Jamestown Student Organization Donates Shoes To Kids

By Kelly Halverson

On Sunday, February 17th, students from the UJ Samaritans Feet Global Ambassadors (SFGA) handed out shoes to children in need.

Over 140 children were signed up to receive new shoes that were collected by UJ students. The event was held in the Harold Newman Arena where children had their feet washed by students and received brand new socks and shoes.

More than 300 pairs of new shoes were collected by SFGA through student collection and donations at the Jimmie Men’s basketball barefoot game. Once at the HNA children were greeted by SFGA members who brought them to a washing station where a UJ student washed the child’s feet and helped them put on a new pair of socks and shoes. Children were then given the chance to test out their new shoes on the HNA court by shooting hoops or jumping rope with Jimmie SFGA members.

Sydney Prussia chatted with a little girl about school and sports before helping her to put on her new shoes. Photo: Kelly Halverson

“The highlight of my day was when I brought a little girl a pair of Frozen shoes and her face lit up when she saw them and screamed ‘Elsa!’ and was so happy after.” Said Katlyn Buethner, SFGA treasurer.

This was the second annual Samaritan’s Feet shoe distribution that UJ has hosted, but this was the first year that UJ has been an official university chapter of the Samaritans Feet organization. SFGA has over 60 members, making it the largest student organization on campus. Not only is SFGA a huge accomplishment for UJ, but it is also the first student organization that Samaritan’s Feet has ever had.

Samaritan’s Feet was founded in 2003 by Manny Ohonme, who grew up in Nigeria and received his first pair of shoes at the age of nine. This gift was one of the motivating factors that pushed him to pursue basketball, which ultimately landed him an athletic scholarship to a school in North Dakota. After his graduation he formed Samaritan’s Feet to try to help other children receive the same gift that he was given back in Nigeria. Since its establishment Samaritan’s Feet has distributed 6.8 million pairs of shoes to children in need.

SFGA members washed the children feet as a spiritually based act of service.

Children who pre-registered but weren’t able to attend the distribution will still be getting their shoes, as SFGA members packed up shoes and socks for each child that was signed up. These shoes will be distributed to the appropriate school districts by SFGA members, to ensure that every child that needs shoes receives them.

The goal of Samaritan’s Feet is to help create a world where no child has to go without shoes, and it is clear after Sunday’s successful distribution that UJ is helping to make strides towards reaching that goal. SFGA is currently still accepting members and is in the process of planning a mission trip for the summer.

If you would like to get involved, contact Dr. Thorlakson.

Coleman Continues Rehab, Eyes Return in 2019

By Isaiah Sampson

If you’ve seen Lavale Coleman around campus, you would probably say he’s just a laid back cool basketball player.

What many don’t know is the struggles that he has faced throughout the years to get him to Jamestown.

As a 6’4 forward for the Jimmies, Coleman has yet to get on the court to display his basketball genius due to a foot injury he suffered last fall after the alumni game. He would go on to have surgery right after and has been rehabbing ever since that day.

After foot surgery, if you are comfortable enough with no swelling or pain in your foot, you are allowed to participate in team activities again. That could take up to 6-8 months or maybe even a year. In Lavale’s case, it’s going to be a year before he’s back doing basketball activities.

Lavale is from San Diego, California where his love for basketball began. His family moved to Arizona where he knew it was time for him to start taking his basketball skills and putting them to use. He attended three high schools while in Arizona; Deer Valley, Willow Canyon, and the basketball powerhouse Hillcrest prep. There at Hillcrest prep is where Lavale started to get more notoriety for his skills on the court and got a preferred walk-on spot at a Division 1 school where he redshirted his freshman campaign.

He would then go onto play for Palomar Community College for two years where he would average 14 pts/7 ast/4 reb as a freshman and 16.5 pts/8 ast/5 reb for his sophomore season. Lavale was all conference as a freshman and all state the following year.

He ended up signing with the Jimmies last spring to play basketball at the Division 2 level where he believes his experience at the Division 1 level will propel him here at Jamestown.

You won’t see Lavale with a sad face or not cheering his teammates on while in the racing for the GPAC Conference Title and the National Championship. He will always be smiling and giving the best team spirit he could give knowing that his teammates wishes he was out there with them.

Look for Lavale Coleman to make a big comeback in the 2019-2020 season when he’ll finally get to show his basketball genius.

University of Jamestown’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance Week Celebration

By: Jayci McCrory

Rainbows, and Cookies, and Signing the Banner,
A Trans comedian that fill us with laughter,
Students in Drag Shows and fun Q & A’s,
These are a few of Lovefest’s favorite things!

The University of Jamestown’s Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is an organization that gives LGBTQA+ students and allies a place where they can come together to support and celebrate the LGBTQA+ community.

Each year SAGA hosts a week long celebration of this community called “Lovefest.” This celebration allows for SAGA to create fun events that engage students in the LGBTQA+ community and raises awareness for it.

This year’s Lovefest ran February 18th through February 22nd. The week included the following schedule:

Monday: LGBT-Q&A and Trivia

Tuesday: Rainbow Day and Cookie Decorating

Wednesday: Signing of a Banner to show support

Thursday: Trans Comedian Jeffrey Jay

Friday: Drag Pageant

Monday’s event was set up to allow students to ask SAGA members about the LGBTQA+ community and to participate in a round of LGBTQA+ trivia during one of the University of Jamestown’s monthly Trivia Knights.

Tuesday’s event allowed students to engage with SAGA students while having fun and creating something tasty.

Wednesday’s event helped to show tangible support of the LGBTQA+ community.

Thursday gave students an opportunity to have some laughs and ask Trans Comedian Jeffrey Jay questions about the LGBTQA+ community.

Friday gave students an opportunity to participate or watch their fellow Jimmies participate in a Drag Pageant. The winners of Mr. and Mrs. Love, and $50 Walmart gift cards, were Dane Jessen and Taylor Niehaus. The Crowd Pleaser award, a $25 Walmart gift card, was won by SAGA’s President Paul Kurtti.

To close the week off, when asked about what Lovefest meant to him, Paul said, “Lovefest is a week out of the year where the members of SAGA and I can celebrate our sexuality and gender, as well as celebrate with everyone on campus to.”

Sir Jimmie Blog: The School For Me with Paul Gibson

By: Paul Gibson

As an Ohioan, I had little idea of what life would be like here in Jamestown, North Dakota, particularly since unlike most here I had no family or friends nearby.

Despite all of my hesitations, I decided to start college here four years ago, and I have never looked back since.

I have had a great experience here at University of Jamestown, and I could not have imagined I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. My experience here can be broken down into the following three categories: academic, athletic, and social.Academic Experiences

Academically, I could not have asked for a better education than I have received here. When I initially arrived on campus, I wanted to be a History major, but realizing that this would require extra schooling if I wanted to make any serious money in the field, I decided to pursue a double major in Computer Science and History, instead.

I had little experience with computers, so if it were not for the great and patient professors in the Computer Science Department, especially Professors Lemm, Sand, and Reed, I would have probably abandoned that field of study. However, with their help, I have almost attained the computer science degree and have a job lined up in the computer science field upon graduation.

I have greatly enjoyed my studies in history, as well, for it is a subject I love. The History Department’s professors, Dr. Joy and Dr. Weinzierl, have been a joy to learn from (pun intended). Even though I never had a class from him, Dr. Johnson has been a great adviser, and if it was not for him encouraging me to pursue computer science if I wanted to, then I probably never would have entered the program.

Athletic Experiences

Athletically, it was football that initially brought me to this school, and I have participated in it all four years I have been here. I enjoyed my time with the program, but it did not go quite as I thought it would. I played for my freshman and sophomore years, and then during sophomore year spring ball, I hurt my knee and was never to play again.

I decided to pursue the student-coach route, which I have done for the past two years, so I could still be involved with the team. Even after the season, I have continued on staff to help out the best I can in the final months that I am here. I have enjoyed working with Coach Mistro so far, and I look forward to what he will do with the program.

Social Experiences

Socially, I have met a lot of people through football and just across campus. I have made great relationships with many people, and I look forward to keeping in contact with them after graduation. I have even made a few special friendships that I never thought I would have made. I am especially grateful for these relationships, and I am happy to consider them not just friends in college but friends for life.

Thus, we see that, I have had a great experience here, and while I may have doubted this four years ago, I now see that University of Jamestown was certainly the school for me.

Paul Gibson (middle) with his Jimmie Football teammates.

UJ Choir Touring North Dakota; Minnesota

By: Jacob Just

Stops through North Dakota and Minnesota are scheduled as part of the University of Jamestown Concert Choir’s tour during spring break.

The UJ Concert Choir, consisting of students of a variety of academic fields, will be touring across the two states March 3rd through 10th. Stops in North Dakota include Bismarck, Harvey, and Whapeton. Minnesota stops comprise of Crookston, Maple Grove, and Willmar. They will end their trip in Fargo.

The choir will be performing seven times during the week-long period.

There will also be a stop in Valley City on February 24th and in Jamestown on March 17th.

For a complete list of stops, as well as show times and locations, click here.

There is no cost to attend the concerts, but there will be a free-will offering available to offset costs.

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