Former athlete Noah Soltero turned GA for Jimmie Baseball 

Former student athlete Noah Soltero rises to new position as a Grad Assistant for Jimmie Baseball. Soltero has spent two years as a closing pitcher for the Jimmies and now has transitioned to earn his master’s in leadership while coaching for the Jimmies’ baseball team. His transition from an athlete to a coach may well come with challenges. Soltero states, “The transition from an athlete to a GA has been great because I didn’t take any time off baseball. Although I’m not doing it physically, coaching is a lot of mental work.” Creating that player/coach separation may be a challenge, as well.  

Soltero has enjoyed his journey as a Jimmie and as a coach for Jimmie Baseball. He notes, “I love the fact that I get to coach the sport I love day one and day out as a full-time job, wouldn’t want it any other way.” 

Although turning from student athlete to coach may be challenging, it is something most student athletes want to experience. Noah is a great example of what success can be like for a student athlete. Soltero mentions, “The advice I would give is listening to your coaches as best as you can be. Coaches understand that they aren’t any superior to the athletes, we just have a special influential power. Thus, having faith in what coaches tell you.” Lastly, this story will shed light on what many student athletes and coaches look for through their challenges and may need advice.   

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