The report: the game of Ice hockey began

What are the major sports in US? Football-it is definitely one of biggest popular sports in US. Basketball-NBA and famous player play and attract many fun. Finally, Ice hockey! People craze with both game and play. On September 30th, I watched the ice hockey game-University of Jamestown vs Minot State University in Wilson Arena for the first time! In this time, I reported how game was.

In Wilson arena, many people came here and cheered. After a confrontation between the two sides at the opening ceremony, the match began. In 1st period, Minot state scored first goal, but UJ quickly scored point. The attack and defense between both teams continue after that and the 1st period finished, which they tied.

Next 2nd period, Minot state scored again-2-1. That situation continued until about r minutes before the end of this period. Then, UJ shouted and got point back. However, Minot side also pointed lastly and finished the 2nd period, which score was 3-2.

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