UJ Students Face a Self Defense Class

This week at UJ, students got to learn new techniques and challenges when it comes to self-defense. Lindsey, the self-defense instructor, teaches classes at the TRAC and even teaches Officers at the prison!  

Throughout the class, she demonstrated how to face the perpetrator even if they outweigh you or you aren’t as big as them. Furthermore, UJ students enjoyed partnering up with someone and learning how to get out of a chokehold. Also, they were demonstrated by the instructor on how to get off the ground if an individual pushes them to the floor or grabs a hold of you. Students also enjoyed using the punching bag to push away the “perpetrator.” 

This self-defense class is great for anyone who may live alone, needs more practice, and for someone who doesn’t how to get out of a dangerous situation. Lastly, it was designed to teach effective self-defense in a short time! 

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