Knock at the Cabin Review

Knock at the Cabin is the next film from filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. It chronicles the startling appearance of 4 strangers on a family’s vacation. These strangers seemingly threaten and warn them that a great choice must be made, or the world will end. This threatens the families’ safety and the movie chronicles their journey from fear to understanding. It’s a riveting film with phenomenal direction from Shyamalan. While the ever-brilliant Dave Bautista has revealed himself to be one of the most surprising performers today. And the camera work all done in a single location is masterfully shot. Overall, this film has surprised me, it’s a tight package with incredible direction.

               The main location of this film is a small cabin. Despite what many would see as a challenge Shyamalan embraces this. He makes a tiny area feel so grand and cinematic while also enhancing the sense of claustrophobia. While its sense of dread is real its scope and style never falter. It’s masterfully shot on 35mm film, it is consistently gorgeous to look at. He constantly moves the camera moving the focus toward others around the room. It’s a flawless-looking film that will constantly surprise you and grip you from start to finish.

               Shyamalan is a deeply empathetic filmmaker. His films always reflect some part of himself, and Knock at the Cabin continues this. It’s a story of assimilation in a world of hatred. How do we measure the worth of a world that is so fueled by this hatred? Shyamalan in his own way answers this question, I believe strongly. Through this film, he believes the world to be worth protecting, even with its flaws. While we may be deeply flawed, we are still human, and humans can change.

               Knock at the Cabin is a shockingly great package from an otherwise rebranded, revitalized director. From past work including, Split, Glass, Old, and Servant he continues to expand his talent. Shyamalan is a great director whom everyone should be paying attention to.

Knock at the Cabin is currently playing in theatres.

Photos courtesy of Universal

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