Trick or Tea

There were many festivities around Jamestown during the week and Lexi Krapp held a Trick or Tea party to kick off Halloween in a sweet way. The event was held at her nutrition location that is on campus called Modern Wellness which is a healthy nutrition option for students and athletes on campus. She posted through the company’s Instagram about the event being held. She encouraged us to wear our costumes and to remember to grab a goodie bag on the way out. There were games for the kids to play which included bowling and a candy bowl game. She featured her Halloween menu and kid teas which she posted about at the beginning of the month. The flavors for the teas are poison apple, Dracula’s blood, hocus pocus, jack-o-lantern, abracadabra, wicked, witches brew, Casper, bloody brain, and mummy madness. While her crew of workers were making the orders Lexi was capturing photos in the little area, she set up to post on Modern’s Instagram story. I went in and said hi to everyone and tried Casper tea which is Blue Blast and blue raspberry flavoring. I enjoyed the tea since I am not a fan of sweet drinks. When looking at the setup of everything I found it festive and cute for the space she has. Lexi is very welcoming and can help you out with any questions you have about teas, shakes, and other Herbalife products.

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